Sales CRM Software for High-Tech Companies

High-Tech companies must adapt to rapidly changing business conditions worldwide. Businesses need flexible,  rapidly configurable, and real-time AI-driven solutions. DealWall is a paradigm-change in the CRM, PRM, deal collaboration, and deals life-cycle management space. The out-of-the-box high-tech industry templates enable rapid configuration, deployments, and upgrades. The real-time actionable management dashboard gives senior management real-time visibility into the sales pipeline and accurate forecasts. The ease to learn and use apps for sales management, direct, channel sales teams and cross-company deal teams simplifies the deal process and delivers high usage and ROI.

DealWall streamlines the Inquiry-to-Cash process, increases deal velocity, visibility, volume, value to help grow top-line revenue, and eliminate the weekly, long sales pipeline calls and uncertainty in forecasting.  It automatically syncs up with legacy CRM and other back-end systems to eliminate all administrative overheads DealWall is an ideal solution for the new normal.

DealWall delivers high ROI for these High-Tech use cases:

  • Direct Sales Solution
  • Channel Sales Solution
  • Global account management
  • Inquiry-to-Cash Streamlining
  • RFP & Proposal development collaboration
  • IoT Sales and collaboration
  • Contract Renewals

Get Started

DealWall provides you with a clear, comprehensive overview of all your customers so you make informed decisions and grow your business. If you want to try out DealWall for yourself, you can schedule a demo. You can also ask for more information by contacting us.