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Financial must adapt to rapidly changing business conditions and client requirements. Businesses need flexible,  rapidly configurable, and real-time AI-driven solutions. DealWall is a paradigm-change in the CRM, deal collaboration, and customer relationship management space. The out-of-the-box service industry templates enable rapid configuration, deployments, and upgrades. Managing directors, Vice presidents, analysts, sales teams find it easy to learn and use apps to collaborate on deals.

The secure deal-centric collaboration speeds up proposal development and the real-time actionable management dashboard ensures inter and Intra company teams are also involved in the deal review and approval process. The team workload capability ensures optimization of human capital. The solution delivers high usage and ROI. . DealWall streamlines the deal process, increases deal velocity, visibility, volume, value to help grow top-line revenue, and eliminates the administrative chores and the long sales pipeline calls and uncertainty in forecasting.  DealWall is an ideal solution for WFH and the new normal.

DealWall delivers high ROI for these Banking, & Financial Services companies use cases:

  • Product & Service Sales
  • Global Account Management
  • M&A collaboration, due diligence process, approvals, and centralized document management
  • Consumer and Business Loans – lending use cases with approvals, audit trails, and centralized document management
  • Personalized Customer Management
  • Treasury Department AUM

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