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CRM Executive Feature and Functionality Survey

How much time do you spend weekly on your sales pipeline calls?

Are you looking to increase your deal velocity and visibility?

How accurate is your pipeline and revenue forecasts?

How do you rate the Data Quality in your CRM systems?

How do you rate the Data Quality in your PRM systems?

Does your current CRM use AI functionality that automates the updating of pipeline opportunities with all AE activities and Customer interactions?

Does your CRM system provide real-time, actionable management dashboards with built-in deal approvals and collaboration?

Does your CRM system use AI to analyze customer interactions and show customer sentiment analysis in real-time?

Are you looking to add innovative AI driven CRM, PRM and Collaboration systems to enable the flexible work policy for the new normal?

If yes, to previous question, please provide timeframe for CRM, PRM and Collaboration systems analysis.

Feel free to add any additional comments for feedback.

Please provide contact details if you would like to learn more about DealWall.