How Long Should a Weekly Sales Pipeline Call Take?

First and foremost, to optimize the regularly scheduled B2B sales pipeline calls, it’s critical that all participants have seen and are familiar with the relevant data prior to the meeting; the meeting should not be used as a mechanism for leaders and team members to introduce one another to deals but rather as a medium to discuss and dissect them in order to most efficiently move them thru the pipeline to close.

The average length of a sales pipeline call should be around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size or number of participants. Additionally, the Harvard Business Review suggests that companies spend at least three hours every month on pipeline management.

Apart from the time, the quality of each sales pipeline meeting is an important factor managers should keep in mind. In this article, find out more about the ideal time for sales pipeline calls and how to make them productive.

How to Manage Sales Pipeline Call Duration

At least 30 minutes will be enough for one-on-one weekly sales pipeline sessions. Bigger meetings that involve the entire team may last an hour or more.

The quality of the session affects the duration of the call. When reps and managers are allowed to go off-tangent during sales pipeline meetings, you can expect a meeting to take longer than usual.

To address this problem, sales veterans suggest focusing completely on one-on-one meetings instead. This meeting structure enables the manager and the rep to tackle the agenda with greater focus and leave out unnecessary chitchat.

For better efficiency, you can split your 30-minute sales pipeline call this way:

  • 4 minutes: General overview / Summary
  • 7 minutes: Tackle lead, topic, or problem #1
  • 7 minutes: Tackle lead, topic, or problem #2
  • 7 minutes: Tackle lead, topic, or problem #3
  • 5 minutes: Identify action items and wrap up

Both manager and rep should stick only to lead reviews and other related topics. Always keep in mind that sales pipeline calls are not the time for complex strategy discussions or training.

How to Make Sales Pipeline Calls Productive

The following are some of the ways you can conduct sales pipeline calls efficiently:

1. Schedule regular meetings and set the proper agenda for each one.

Proper scheduling is an important key to a productive meeting of any kind. Having a routine schedule or letting your reps know ahead of time allows them to prepare and gather any data you may need during the meeting.

It’s also important that you make the meeting agenda clear to your reps so they’d know precisely what to bring to the meeting. Having all the needed data ready will make the meeting flow smoother.

2. Ask the right questions

If you’re in a 30-minute sales pipeline call, everyone involved must go straight to the point. The best way to do this is by asking your rep the right questions, especially during the summarization phase.

When requesting a summary of a deal, consider asking the following questions:

  • What’s happening with the lead/deal so far?
  • What are the next steps we need to take?
  • What needs to happen to close the deal?
  • Do we have an expected timeline?

These questions should help guide your rep into discussing the heart of the matter. It’s also a good opportunity for you to have context with the current situation and discover any obstacles affecting leads or deals.

3. Prioritize urgency

Focus is an important watchword when it comes to sales pipeline calls. Any distractions can muddle the discussions and lead to disorganized action items by the end of the meeting.

That said, if anything urgent comes up during the meeting, like an important call or an emergency, don’t be afraid to put the meeting on hold. Waiting for the meeting to end before addressing something urgent is a surefire way of getting distracted.

Do what needs to be done first, return to the meeting afterward, and pick up where you left off.

Having the right tools, data, focus, and mindset can significantly affect the effectiveness of each sales pipeline call. The quality of the meeting doesn’t rely on how long the discussions are. Even a short and focused sales pipeline discussion is more than enough to make a difference.

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